The sound of a rock crashing through your enormous plate glass window is a lot like a child’s angry outburst. Nothing is immune from the after effects of either one. 

Fast Track To Transformational Parenting  

NOW learn from a Certified Parent Coach how to handle every situation your kids throw your way! IN JUST 8 WEEKS!


Your kids are growing up fast! NOW is the time to learn these great skills before those kids get much older and drift away. 

You've wondered if you are good parent - you work, volunteer, run a home, and are always busy. You question if you are as great a parent as you could be. Stop wondering and become confident with our Fast Track Transformational Parenting Course - taught on line. 

From start to finish, you can get Certified as having completed your Transformational Parenting Course in just 8 weeks, learning from home!

We put this Fast Track Transformational Parenting Course into a new, simplified format, stratigically created just for busy parents.  

Some things have a true worth that can't be measured. You will be investing in yourself and your children, and you may be touching your future generations with this important decision.

Have you been ordered by a Court to complete a parenting course? This is the one for you. Our Certificate of Completion for Courts will be provided upon successful completion of the course.


You want to learn how to avoid those mind-numbing power struggles with your kids. 

Sometimes at the end of the day, you simply don't have the energy to deal with another power struggle with a child who wants their own way - or else. Learn how to avoid the situations that set up the groundwork for those interactions.

 You want to find out how to stop the constant arguing among your children.

Children have argued with their siblings for generations. Learn tips to minimize these caustic episodes between your children.

You want to know how to handle that frustrating defiance in your toddlers, young kids and teens. 

An ugly stand off can knock the wind out of you, whether you are raising toddlers, elementary school age children or teens. Teaching your children a simple strategy will diffuse most of those defiant attitudes.

You want to know how to effectively handle bullying and tantrums.

Both bullying and tantrums are an expression of anger or fear. While toddlers tantrum as a part of discovering how to handle emotions, bullying and tantrums should be addressed. Learn a method to turn these behaviors around to more appropriate responses.

You Might Be Wondering....Why THIS Parenting Course?

Will I have time to do this?

We call it Fast Track because you can complete it in as little as eight weeks. 

However, we designed this to fit with your busy schedule! Take eight weeks or a few months - you pick your schedule.

Each lesson takes no more than 2-3 hours a week, and you fit it into your schedule.

We send you your study materials when you sign up. Then we send you a new video to watch each week, eight videos in all. Most are 1/2 hour to 45 minutes.

Do I have to go to class?

No. There are no classrooms involved in our innovative class structure. 

You train on-line and start and finish when it is convenient for you in as little as eight weeks.  

With videos taught by a Certified Parenting Coach, this course will answer your questions about the best ways to interact with your children without leaving home! 

I sometimes take care of an elderly parent and I have my special needs child. Will I get behind?

No. No one will be making you keep up with everyone else when life gets busy. You continue to learn on your schedule.

What will I get out of this? What's in it for me?

Occasionally, something comes along which has a true worth that can't be measured. This is one of those things. You will be investing in yourself and your children. You may even be touching future generations with this decision.

Gain Certification as a TransformationalParent at the successful conclusion of the course. 

It couldn't be easier to achieve the confidence that you are truly doing your best as you parent your children.

What Makes This Course Exceptional?


  • Your Certified Parent Coach has successfully parented 16 children, one-on-one, over a period of more than 20 years. Those children's behaviors ranged from typically compliant to troubled kids headed for difficult futures. 
  • The goals with all the children were to convey love and worth to them by practicing consistent, proven parenting techniques, allowing them to enjoy their childhood, enabling them to achieve success in school and ultimately become stable and productive adults based on the skills they learned. 
  • That Certified Parent Coach's skills and experience are now available to you. You will learn to parent in love. This will enable you to eliminate responding to children out frustration or anger but rather out of a place of calm confidence in your expert parenting skills. 
  • Your textbook and workbook, hailed by child psychologists and schools, were developed by a Ph.D. who based the materials on over 25 years of working with over 15,000 families.

Here are the investment details and bonuses:  

We consider it a privilege to participate in strengthing bonds between parents and their children. For that reason, it is always our goal to offer exceptional value for a reasonable investment. 

This new on line course, including 8 weekly videos, textbook and workbook is a $498 value. 

But you won't pay $498! 


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Sound too good to be true? It isn't, but it is too good to last forever.

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Ready to Get Started?

Join us and don't pay more for other parenting classes that don't provide quality materials OR that require you to attend classes each week, taking you away from your family. 

Stay home. 

Learn with us. 

Work at your own pace. 

Become a Certified Master Parent. 

Enjoy interacting with your children calmly and with confidence again!

One Payment of $398

Two Payments of $199