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INNER CIRCLE Parent Support Group

Let's make parenting fun again!

Who has time to hang around the back fence sharing wisdom with neighbors about child rearing these days? That is so...old fashioned.  

Good News! The opportunities included in our Inner Circle groups are a little like returning to close contact with other parents--only quicker and more concise. Our grandmas and great grandmas met their neighbors at the fence every day to connect with each other. They didn't want to be isolated and knew they needed support from their friends. We all do. You are not alone in your parenting efforts!

Let's start with the one thing worth the entire subscription itself: We have a group of parents whom I am committed to personally mentoring. I call them our Inner Circle. These are the ones I get to interact with live on a Zoom meeting once a week. (I will have my camera on, and you will be in chat. No need to change clothes and put on make up.)

Let's make parenting fun again.

Weekly Live Support 

EACH WEEK, as an Inner Circle member, you will connect with your Certified Parent Coach (Claudia Thomason) on a live, one hour group coaching meet up. Join us on Zoom as everyone brings their questions, learning from each other. As your mentor, I will spend a few minutes sharing a great parenting tip, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions so I can answer them in real time.

We meet every Wednesday, 12pm Eastern for our morning meetings. If that doesn't fit your schedule, join us on our evening Inner Circle meetings on Wednesdays at 8pm Eastern. You will receive the link to our Inner Circle meetings after signing up. And if you can't make the event, send your question in an email, and I will answer it during the recording. Get your answer on the replay link, so you don't miss anything! Talk about personal contact! And all of a sudden, isolated parenting disappears!

If this weren't great enough, you get the three bonuses below too!

Bonus: Personal Email Contact for Your Questions

EACH MONTH, as an Inner Circle member, you will be able to submit your one toughest question by email and get an email response from your Certified Parent Coach. This feature alone is worth much more than the monthly investment since you have personal access to a Parent Coach. (Sign up now because this limited offer is only valid for the next 10 Inner Circle friends signing up.) This is normally a $100/month service, but you get it free for three months, a savings of $300! One time a month, you will be able to dash out an email about any frustrating parenting issues you choose, saving you from calling friends and family, sometimes having to talk about things no one else needs to know. You get our drift?  

Bonus: Our Private Facebook Group

 Our private Facebook group is where we hang out and encourage each other, get questions answered and learn new, fun stuff. You will find tips, resources, something to laugh about and something to think about. Short, quick and concise – just what a busy parent needs.

Bonus: Our FREE Gift to You for Signing Up Before the Clock Below Runs Down. 

If you sign up before the clock below runs down, we will send you the link to our fun e-book, Five Fun Animal Adventures from Africa, to download to your computer or phone. It is a great short book to read to or with your kids and is all about true stories that happened to me in Africa. This book sells normally for $9.99, but you get it free with all the things listed here.

How do I sign up for the Inner Circle?

Doing Our Part to Help Families

As an Inner Circle member, the monthly investment for all this awesomeness and support is only $97 a month!  Our parents usually invest $197 a month for these coaching meetings, which is still very reasonable. However, during this time of crisis, we have reduced the cost by $100 a month for you, making your investment less than $25 per week.

That's right! Just $97 a month, and if you invest in 3 months of great parenting interaction at once, your investment is only $250 for the three months. To pay for three months, click the yellow button designated for 3 months at the bottom of the page.

That's less than a trip to the doctor's office! (Actually, almost everything is less than a trip to the doctor's office...)  

But it is less than $25 a week to connect with a Certified, Experienced Parent Coach and break that feeling of wondering if your parenting skills could use a bit of polishing up.

Our Inner Circle meetings give you that important support for the great job you are doing for under $25 per week!

Just click on one of the yellow buttons and you are on your way to ending that feeling of isolation in your parenting adventure.


3 Months with Discount

Get Bonus Number 4 by Signing Up Before The Clock Runs Down


You Might Be Wondering...

Who is sponsoring this parent support group? 

Here is a picture, which is supposed to be worth a thousand words:

What is Reconnecting With Your Kids?

Our passion at is to find simple, fun ways to help parents help their children. The end result will be families who are able to stay connected through life's ups and downs. 

Why do I need a Parent Support Group?

We’re glad you asked! Here are a few reasons:

Now, more than ever, when we are to be in self-quarantine mode, we parents need to talk and laugh with other parents.

Mind-numbing arguments between kids



Guilt over not spending enough time with your kids

Guilt over giving in too much because of not spending enough time with your kids

Of course, Inner Circle perks not available to everyone

But why THIS Parent Support Group?

Not even considering the awesome bonuses we give you free, you will love meeting new people on our weekly webinars. 

An hour a week with other Inner Circle parents is a minimal amount of time to spend increasing your parenting skills as you learn from your Certified Parent Coach and interact with other parents.

Parents say that they don't have time to sign up for classes that take huge chunks of time. They say they don't get what they need just by reading a book. 

This Inner Circle group brings parents together who are dealing with the same problems you are. They are happy to share their solutions with our group. They are fun people who enjoy laughing and learning together.  

Ready to Get Started?

3 Months with Discount

Join the parents who have benefitted from belonging to support groups like this at four times the cost. Instead, we are here to give you answers as we meet and walk together on the road to great parenting. JOIN US!

3 Months with Discount

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