The Stress-Free Parenting Project

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Claudia Thomason

Certified Parent Coach

You Can Change the Atmosphere in Your Home Without Disrupting Your Home to Do It.

And You Can Do It In 6 Weeks!

During Our 6-Week Course You Will Learn

How to avoid those mind-numbing power struggles with your kids. 

How to handle that frustrating defiance in your toddlers, young kids and teens. 

How to stop the constant arguing among your children.

More importantly, how to become the calm, confident parent you long to be!

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Here's What You'll Get

  • Lifetime access to The Stress-Free Parenting Project. Take a look at our recently updated, never before released training and step by step checklists including:
  • Weekly Q+A and Coaching Call with The Founder of Reconnecting With Your Kids, Claudia Thomason and other parents to learn more and gain wisdom from each other. This is the time to ask questions, laugh and be supported by like-minded parents.
  • Access to the private Facebook Group for quick questions and community
  • Lifetime access to the Recorded Coaching Calls
  • Module 1. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly About Parenting (Mostly Good). Discover how to take care of yourself to set the stage for confident parenting that will have others wondering what is your secret.
  • Module 2. Winning at Work and at Home or Wherever You Spend Your Time. How to look at those you encounter with a different view to allow them to feel genuinely drawn to you and want to cooperate with you. Nothing magical about this, but there are skill sets you will acquire that will work at home as well as out in the world. Talk about a win-win!
  • Module 3. What on Earth Were You Thinking? Turning chaos at home into calm. Your children will begin to respond to you from a level of understanding, which will lead to respect, no matter what the age.
  • Module 4. A Measure of Peace. This module takes a look backward and forward and anchors parents in the moment , enabling them to see clearly issues and solutions.
  • Module 5. Crafting the Perfect Plan. Nothing works quite as well as a well-thought out plan. But how many of us can say we have a plan? We tend to rush into situations with old tools and sometimes make situations worse. Discover how to avoid that.
  • Module 6. Stress-Free Parents ROCK! This is the week we wrap it all up, cover any what-ifs, and cue the confetti. This is the week you have earned your Certificate as a proud graduate of The Stress-Free Parenting Project.
  • This course offers over 25 short, to-the-point lessons, bonus videos, checklists, worksheets, reference guides and so much more. In 6 weeks you will have all the tools you need to be that expertly confident parent who can face any challenge calmly. You will also be qualified for a Certificate as a Graduate of Reconnecting With Your Kids Stress-Free Parenting Project!

Meet Claudia

The Certified Parent Coach who created The Stress-Free Parenting Project for busy, professional parents.

Let her walk you through 6 weeks of turning your good parenting skills into great parenting skills.

Earn a Certificate as a Graduate of The Stress-Free Parenting Project sponsored by Reconnecting With Your Kids.  

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