No matter how young or old your child is--from toddler to teen:

Would you like mealtimes, playtimes, and bedtimes to be fun times again?  

There is a secret to making that happen. 

--long before your children come to the table, 

--before they pull out their toys, gloves, mitts, dolls, or video games, 

--before they get ready for bed.  

The secret is found in the way you and your children relate to each other in good times and difficult times in everyday life.

Difficult times such as when their questionable behaviors call for intervention on your part.

  • Are you like most parents who admit to feeling inadequate when it comes to discipline?

What you’ll get out of these Discipline techniques:

  • This comprehensive guide, with over 21 suggested responses to your kids' questionable choices, provides help for you as you stuggle to handle behaviors that seem to be derailing your efforts to keep a calm, happy home
  • Just find the behavior on the spreadsheet tool, and you will find the corresponding suggested discipline and desired outcome from using that discipline.
  • All the answers in one place!

What others are saying:

  • I didn't realize there were so many simple ways to help my child learn better behaviors. Cynthia R.  
  • All these suggestions are kind but effective! Barb C.
  • I'm going to try some new ideas from this list Thank you! Holly T.

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